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Panoramic photography is a technique that captures a much wider perspective of the landscape into a photo. It can be done with ultra-wide lenses or by stitching together several photos using software like Photoshop. David's panoramic images have been created using both film and digital cameras. Most of David's panoramic photographs are taken using a tripod with a specialized pan head, although occasionally he will “hand hold” the camera.

David has most recently started using a GigaPan, which is a computerized robotic device that the camera is mounted into, enhancing the abilities of the camera to take detailed photos. The GigaPan is based on the same technology employed by the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, and the newest Lander, Curiosity, to capture the incredible images of the red planet. Go to the image gallery at to see some spectacular Mars images. To see some remarkably crisp and vivid images using this new technology, go to You can also go to for more information on the GigaPan technology.

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