Wall Art


How to Use Wall Art

Wall art can offer a sophisticated and personal touch to every room in your home.

It can also enhance a business environment.

Create uniquely personal wall displays with multiple-photo arrangements or highlight your living room with a classic stunning photograph.

Use David’s or Your Own Photos

If you have favorite high-resolution photos from your smart phone or your digital or film camera, let David enlarge and print them to display on your walls.

See how to upload and send your photos: Click Here


Shown above in the slide show are examples of how to use images for Wall Art by dividing an image into two or three sections, creating a diptych or, more commonly, a triptych.

For the horizontal triptych above (68” X 45”), David used three different frame depths: 2” for the bottom, 1” for the middle panel, and 5/8” for the top section. This dimensionality makes it feel as if you could step from rock to rock starting in the lower left of the photo! David has named this method of presentation a Horizontal Cascading Triptych.

For more information on this process, please contact us at davidmckayphotography@gmail.com or (530)265-2969.