‘Yuba Seasons: Images of the Wild & Scenic South Yuba River’
by David McKay

“The photographs so elegantly convey the vivid color, energy and mood this natural treasure of a river embodies.
Your lens has captured powerful moments in the rivers time and place, and you have rendered them with the finesse of the master painters.
A wonderful achievement!”
- Terry Riley, Composer

Yuba Seasons: Images of the Wild & Scenic South Yuba River
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This lovely book features sweeping panoramas of the South Fork of the Yuba River, as well as stunning images depicting the play of light on the water. It is a place of unsurpassed beauty captured during all the seasons. David McKay has been photographing the Yuba River and its surroundings for over 40 years.

Book Forward:

This book was created for anyone who loves swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, trees, rocks, native plants, abstracts in nature, and photography. It should appeal to those who are interested in the history of water and gold in California, and the Yuba River’s place in that history. This book will also be appreciated by those who realize that many elements of the natural world “cannot be bought, sold, or re-created once they are gone. - Jordan Fisher Smith

“What a beautiful work of art! It's my meditation. It needs a 'tokonoma,' a sacred corner. I'm going to keep it in my bedroom so that I can look at it first thing in the morning and start my day right. The water is really moving in your Tribute to Hokusai (image). Words are inadequate to describe what you've captured.” Thank you, Kiyo




NextGenAward-1 copy.png

2009 Nautilus Book Awards:

Silver Medal - Nature

IndieAward-1 copy.png

2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards:

Gold Medal – Photography

Finalist, Nature/Environment

Finalist, Coffee Table Book

Finalist, Best Overall Design



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2008 Northern California Publishers & Authors Book Awards:

Author Category:

Best Book – Silver Medal

Best Nature Photography Book

Publisher Category:

Best Interior Photographs & Photo Layout/Design

Best Exterior Hard Cover Photography Book

South Yuba River Citizens League 25th Anniverary

BackCover SYRCL 25th Ann.jpg

“Today, as SYRCL celebrates 25 years of success toward our mission to protect and restore the Yuba River and the greater Yuba Watershed, we gratefully acknowledge the many thousands of people who have continued to support us on this journey. David McKay—as artist, advocate, citizen, and community leader—has been a venerable benefactor to the Yuba, and this latest work provides a perspective on the Yuba that captures the river’s many moods. In these images we see the Yuba at once intimate and familiar, yet also unbound and fiercely wild. “

“At SYRCL, our Yuba perspective is one that sees this river in the wider context of San Francisco Bay Watershed—a clean and wild “headwaters” river whose benefits cascade downstream. For the next 25 years, we envision a free-flowing Yuba River that supports wild salmon, trout and other native fish in their ancestral waters. We envision a thriving Yuba Watershed rich in native biological diversity. And we envision a human community that cherishes and celebrates the Yuba’s unique environmental, cultural and spiritual heritage.”

“May this inspiring Yuba River, translated so gracefully by Mr. McKay, awaken a spirit within all of us to get better acquainted with local rivers and creeks—to seek their beauty, diagnose their ailments, learn their lessons, and join with others for their protection and healing.”

For the Yuba, Jason Rainey, (former) Executive Director SYRCL