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Custom Prints from Your Photos

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How do I send a photo to be imaged onto a Canvas or Metal print?

We work only from digital files, preferably from images saved in the TIFF, PSD, or JPEG formats. Preferred resolution is between 240 - 300 PPI in the Adobe 1998 Color Space, but if you are using a different color space do not change it - we'll do it for you.

Digital files can be uploaded to us by clicking on the link below the form and then browsing your computer for the images you wish to send us.

Unlike emailing an image as an attachment, our FTP link is not limited to small file sizes. Files up to 2 GB can be sent to us. Also it is much faster to upload through this method than through your email provider. If you prefer, send your files on a USB key.

Note: Sizes vary by +/- 1/8" . If you specify that you need an exact size, we will do all we can to hold a tight cutting tolerance.

For more information on ordering Canvas Prints…click here.

For more information on Metal Prints…click here.

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Ways to Use Your Photos

David is offering a new product initially conceived by a longtime client. Inspired by her large cat and safety concerns, she approached David with the idea and her own photo.

For this home-design kitchen project (shown above), David printed the client’s photo of Koi fish in a pond onto two metal panels.  The easily removable smaller front metal panel that covers the digital controls of the stove was created because her cat regularly jumps up on the counter and walks across that area, inadvertently turning on a burner (see photo of cat). The larger panel is at the back of the stove, enhancing the ambience of the kitchen.

 If you are interested in having a similar feature in your kitchen, contact us for more details and pricing at davidmckayphotography@gmail.com or (530) 265-2969